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  Brand New Engineering & Building Eco Community

Our mission is to sell solar panels, which are the main power source of renewable energy, and we aim to create an "eco-community" that balances economy and ecology. ..

『Create new environmental value through Japanese virtues.』(Brand New Engineering & Building Eco Community)In addition to promoting a correct understanding of the solar power generation business, we support everything from planning and development, sales, and after-sales follow-up with the "one-stop solution service." By providing easy-to-understand and fulfilling services, we feel that all our customers are working with peace of mind.

We will continue to take on various new challenges to meet the expectations of the local community and people around the world, and we ask for your continued patronage and support.


                 Takeaki Uchida, CEO of Nippon Solar Co., Ltd. 


About environment / energy business

In order to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society with low carbon, which is the most important issue common to all humankind in the 21st century, we are developing environmental and energy-related businesses globally. In order to build a low-carbon and sustainable society, there are many issues to be addressed, such as maintaining a healthy and hygienic living environment, reducing the environmental impact of daily life and economic activities, recycling resources rather than unilaterally exploiting them, and promoting the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy such as solar, wind, and hydropower. Furthermore, green hydrogen is the key to realizing a carbon-neutral society by 2050, and has the potential to promote economic development not only in Japan but also in the world, as well as greatly reducing the cost of supply worldwide through international trade, as well as greatly contributing to the reduction of areas where electrification is difficult and energy security. Japan is also aiming for economic growth and GX transformation through the realization of a hydrogen society while utilizing the global hydrogen value chain, and we expect that all Japan will lead the global hydrogen social economy. Based on advanced environmental and energy-related technologies, we provide total solutions to these issues.

About storage battery sales

The recent Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, Great East Japan Earthquake, Kumamoto Earthquake and other major disasters have not only lost precious lives and property, but still leave many hardships and deep scars on the survivors. Japan, where we live, is facing the danger of various natural disasters such as large earthquakes, tsunamis, large typhoons, and tornadoes. Even at this point in time, major disasters such as the Northern Tokyo Bay Earthquake, the Tokai Earthquake, and the Nankai Trough Giant Earthquake are predicted with high probability. In 2018, torrential rains and floods caused by large typhoons in western Japan, water outages and water turbidity due to the rupture of water pipes in the northern Osaka earthquake, and large-scale power outages and blackouts in the Hokkaido earthquake. Catastrophes are expected to increase in the future.  Electricity is one of these disasters when we consider what is our priority for sustainable living, economic activity, and, broadly speaking, for living. I can't stand even a few days of power outages. Shouldn't we have a storage battery that can supply electricity even in such a situation?

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